No pain, no gain?

I always thought the expression was “No Pain, No Gain”. But it turns out that was a misinterpretation.


Thank goodness, cause that just sounds horrible!

The actual rule is “No gain WITH pain”

Which makes a lot more sense!! The sensation of pain is a clear indication that something is WRONG.

You’re in danger.

It’s not just physical pain, all pain creates the exact same response:

Your natural defense mechanism causes you to tense up and brace for protection- physical, emotional and psychological resistance.

This response is beyond your control.

The problem is, once you introduce resistance, you slow momentum (Law of Energy). YOU are literally fighting YOU.

Think about the last time you were in pain (physical or emotional).... Were you as fluid and effective as when you were not in pain?

Did you feel powerful, clear- headed, capable?

Do you think you “gained” more because you were in pain?

Probably not.

More likely you were just trying to survive and “get through it”- that’s no path to greatness!

By definition Pain= Resistance.

Pain will always slow you down- no gain with pain!

By choosing a path of less resistance, you open yourself up to the flow of energy, clarity and progress.  More gain with no pain!! I hope this is helpful y’all!

Hopefully you don’t have a “no pain no gain” tattoo! (But if you do, send us a picture!) Please feel free to leave a comment or question

Always with love, co

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Corinne Idzal