All in good time?

 “All in good time”

I think it should be “all in good TIMING...” Good timing is the key to success.

You don’t want to jump too soon, and you don’t want to jump too late!


And did you know, “timing” is an energy thing?

The right time to take action is a vibration.

It’s a moment in time/space when all the players are perfectly lined up and energetically ready for the action.

You can feel it - If you are tapped into the situation and tuned into it’s vibration.

You’ll KNOW the right moment to act.

Because every instant of every day is the perfect time to do something. “All in good time” implies you should wait... But that’s not always true!

Sometimes it’s time to jump!

The energy will guide you if you let it...All in good timing.

I hope this is helpful, let me know your thoughts!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

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Corinne Idzal