A friend of mine recently got an awesome promotion with an increase in pay and 30 new employees.

Exciting!! Almost immediately he started having random episodes of heart palpitations with shortness of breath.

After a few weeks he went to his doctor (MD - Doctor of Medication), who ordered a complete blood work up.

In the meantime, doctor’s orders to rest and take a Valium when his heart starts to race.

Ah, the miracle of modern medicine!

Problem is, all the tests and medication in the world are not going to help my friend.

He has anxiety.

That’s not just obvious, its understandable!... Anxiety is the feeling of excess internal energy.

Fear and stress trigger the brain to search for solutions- alternate plans of action and attack.

Your brain get caught up in these thoughts- “do this, no do that, I’ll do that then this, oh god I gave 30 people relying on me!, tomorrow I’ll do this and that, no just that....” around and around it goes!

I call this “chatty brain”

All those thoughts, plans, actions- all that chatter- is generating energy!  As your brain goes around and around that energy builds up inside of you.

We call this feeling “anxiety”. A build up of internal energy is only resolved with rigorous physical activity.

You body WANTS to move that energy out - the heart palpitations are your body’s attempt to do that!

Though well-meaning I’m sure, the doctor’s orders to “relax” is the opposite of what my friend should do (as if he could relax if he wanted to). And Valium?!?!?


Valium doesn’t solve a thing- it only CREATES new problems.

No, exercise is the ONLY cure for anxiety.

If you or someone you love suffers from anxiety, before turning to meds just try increasing your energy expenditure.

I think you’ll feel A LOT better!

I hope this is helpful!!

Please leave a comment, let me know your thoughts!

Always with love- co  #exercisemore #releasetheenergy #corinneidzal

Corinne Idzal