Body energy

In my last post I talked about change.

That, if we do it right, we humans are capable of incredible transformation.

The trick is to shift all 3 energies - body, mind AND thought - not just one.

That may sound like a lot at once, but remember these energies are strongly connected.

It is EASIER to shift them all together than to separate one out.

Of the 3, Body Energy is the one people try and shift the most, so let’s start with that today... The traditional approach to changing the body is through focus on diet and exercise.

That can work (usually doesn’t) but it’s definitely the hard way!

That’s because how you eat and how often you exercise are ACTIONS.

If you really want to transform your body, you have to focus on the ENERGY.

It’s the energy that inspires the action.

How do you focus on the energy?

By paying attention to the way you feel!

If you feel good you have high vibration and easy flowing energy.

If you feel bad you have low vibration and restricted energy flow.

The feeling is the energy.

And if you don’t know how you feel, you’re not alone.

Many of us go through stages (or lifetimes) of ignoring our physical body.  After awhile we become somewhat disconnected from our feelings.

But not to worry, they are still there, and with a little attention you’ll soon feel them loud and clear.

And if you do want to raise your vibration (improve posture/ get fit/ lose weight/ heal...), here are 2 easy steps to begin:

1. Stop ignoring your body!  You can not change if you’re disconnected.

2. Focus on how you FEEL, and do anything and everything you can to feel better in this present moment.

Like right now... Stretch!! Not because it’s part of your stretching routine, but because it FEELS good to stretch.

Move because it FEELS good.

Eat good food because it FEELS good.

Use your muscles, touch your body, BE in your body because it FEELS good!

Make feeling better the goal, not the number on the scale, and one day you’ll look up and realize you transformed without effort!  It’s easy when you do it the right way... The energetic way!

Always with love, co

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Corinne Idzal