Are you a bullly?

I bet you said no.

If you’re reading this I bet you’re kind, loving, and supportive of the people in your life.

I bet when they struggle you tell them they can succeeded.

When they hurt you know they will heal and be stronger.

And when they are discouraged and afraid, you offer kind and soothing words of encouragement.

You sound like a very good friend!

But are you like that with everyone?

Are you like that with you?… Most of us would NEVER talk to another human being the way we talk to ourselves.

We are so mean!!

We ridicule, judge, reprimand, taunt, and never forgive ourselves.


We hold ourselves to an unachievable (and unnatural) standard of societal perfection, then torment ourselves when we inevitably fall short.


When we struggle we call ourselves stupid.

When we hurt we say we are weak.

And when we are sad or confused we internally yell at ourselves to FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY! “What’s wrong with you?” Bully

And we think that, because this dialogue is internal, it doesn’t matter.

But it does.

In fact, nothing matters more.

The way we talk to ourselves affects EVERYTHING in our life.

Physically, psychologically, and emotionally, negative self-talk is the most damaging thing we can do.

It causes disease, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression,...

It affects our immune system, digestion and sleep.

You can not be mean to yourself and happy at the same time.

You can’t put yourself down and build yourself up.

You can’t feel frustration, blame and judgment for the past and move forward into the future.

You have to stop bullying!

But here’s the thing... you can’t go from being mean to yourself to suddenly being nice.

It’s too big of a jump.

You have to eeeeeeeeease your way over.

It’s a process, and one we will definitely talk more about in the future.

In the meantime, pay attention to the way you’re talking to yourself.

Are you being a bully?

Because however hurtful the schoolyard bully can be (ugh, 4th grade!), the internal bully is FAR more damaging!

Be kind to yourself.

You are perfect.

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Please leave a comment, let me know your thoughts!

Always with LOVE, co

Corinne Idzal