Does change HAVE to take a long time?

Physical change, emotional change, health change... most of us have accepted the notion that “these things take time”. But what if that isn’t true?

What if we are capable of quick and easy transformation, we’ve just been doing it wrong this whole time?... First it’s important to remember that we are energetic beings.

I know we don’t look like it, (that’s a whole other story!), but we are .

We are basically vibrating energy orbs.

As energy beings, any shift that is going to be significant and lasting must be energetic in nature.

Nothing else will work.

We humans have three main energy sources: our bodies, our thoughts, and our feelings.

These three energies are pulled to one another and vibrate at the same frequency - they are “aligned”. Together they form the unique energy that is YOU: it’s how you look, it’s how you act, it’s how you BE.

Trying to change one energy but not the other two is really hard to do, if not impossible.

For example, if you’re trying to shift your body vibration (lose weight/get in shape/heal), but you keep the same old thoughts and emotional vibration, the old thoughts and feelings will resist the change.

This is the mistake most people make.  They try to change one thing but not the others.  The old vibration will continually try to pull the new one back to re-align.

What ends up happening is you work really hard, for just a little change, and eventually just get pulled right back where you started.

Sound familiar?

BUT!! If you shift all 3 at the same time -body, mind and thought energy - then things change very quickly.  Thats when transformation occurs!! Stay tuned for the practical application of this concept!

In the meantime, think back on the changes you have tried to make it your life.  Ask yourself: were you aligned?  Did your body, thoughts, AND feelings all support the change?

If it was hard or didn’t work out, the answer is probably not... We’ll chat about this more.

Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts!

Always with love - co.  #change #transformation #calibration #corinneidzal #energyshift #shiftyourmindset

Corinne Idzal