Not that kind of chronic silly!

I’m talking about chronic pain!

The other day we discussed pain in general, and the fact that it’s energy.

More specifically, it’s an energetic interaction between YOU - your thoughts - and your body.

If you didn’t read it, it might be a good idea to do so now (entitled “Pain”). Because understanding the energetic component to pain is key to understanding how pain can become chronic.... Here’s a quick rundown:

When you hurt yourself, the nerves around the site send pain signals to the brain (energy). The brain then RE-CALIBRATES the energy with the vibration of your thoughts, then sends an energy signal back down to the injury.

This is how your cells UNDERSTAND what’s going on.

When an injury is new and painful, messages are sent back and forth continuously.

But as the body heals, the nerves around the injury want to settle down.

And they will...


Sometimes we get so freaked out by pain... so AFRAID something will hurt... that we inadvertently keep the pain alive with our habitual fearful thoughts!

We keep sending messages of anxiety and fear to our cells, which freaks them out and makes them hyper- sensitive.

The stronger the emotion - like anxiety, fear, depression - the stronger the energetic momentum.  Eventually, almost everything sets off the pain signal!

It’s not accurate to say that people with chronic pain are “making it up”.

The pain is real.

But after a certain point,  the pain no longer reflects a physical injury, but rather a negative thought pattern that is keeping the pain alive.

If you are currently seeking treatment for chronic pain, but not addressing your habitual thoughts, you may be wasting your time.

In my treatments I use NLP- it’s super effective.

But there are other ways too - like CBT.

The important thing is that you address the energy of chronic pain.

Because sometimes it’s the energy, not the body, that’s out of wack.

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, co

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Corinne Idzal