We think we want life to be perfect.

Rainbows, unicorns and fairytale romances.

But if everything were perfect, how would you know what you want?... Contrast is really important!

It’s the sounding board for our desires:

If you know what you DON’T want, you know more clearly what you DO want.

The comparison is key.

Without darkness, we could not understand light.

We are making decisions based on contrast all the time:

I like this / I don’t like that... I want this / I don’t want that,... Yes / no, no / yes, Here / there, Left / right,... You could say contrast is the cornerstone of our physical life experience.

But it’s important to use contrast the right way!

Lots of people get stuck analyzing what they don’t want.

They get sucked into the contrast.

“I don’t like this and this is why... let me explain it, commiserate, and really get to the BOTTOM of this thing I don’t like.” Well there is no bottom.  And using contrast this way is the surest route to unhappiness.

Because (and y’all know this) what you focus upon you move towards- every single time.

Instead, use contrast as it’s intended: to help guide you toward what you want, and create the life that is uniquely perfect for YOU!

So the next time something feels bad, acknowledge it (that’s the contrast) and ask yourself- “what would make me feel better?”

And then move that direction.

Toward the light.

Simple as that.

I hope this was helpful y’all!

Please leave a comment t or question- let me know your thoughts!

Always with love, Dr.Corinne

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Corinne Idzal