Crazy Cat

Ever wonder why cats seem crazy?

They stare at nothing, get freaked out and bolt for seemingly no reason.

Well they’re actually not as crazy as you may think!

They DO see things we can’t see... Of all the light vibrations that surround us, our eyeballs can only “see” a few (ROYGBIV). This is called our “bandwidth” - or the spectrum of light we can translate.

There’s a lot more light waves out there, we just can’t see them.

All species have their own specific bandwidth.

Some animals have amazing eye sight (broad spectrum) while other don’t see well at all (narrow spectrum). We humans fall somewhere in the middle.

We see just enough to get by in this physical world.

Cats have a bandwidth too.

While they don’t see vibrant colors the way we do, they are extremely sensitive to motion and can see many vibrations we humans can’t see- this helps them hunt at dawn and dusk.

To us it seems like they are freaking out over nothing, but that’s not the case.

They see things we can’t!

So the next time your cat jumps up and bolts, ask yourself.... what’s here that I can’t see?? (Insert Twilight Zone soundtrack)

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Always with love- co

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Corinne Idzal