For years I have been talking to my students about the “discipline” of yoga.

Bikram Yoga especially has a reputation for strictness in the practice.

I kinda like it!

Be still.

Move with the class.

Don’t talk,... All that “discipline” keeps everyone together.

Which not only helps the class stay focused, but moving together also creates a strong group bond - like a yoga army.

There’s a reason the military march in perfect synchronicity- they know it creates an energetic Force that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

And if you’ve ever been in a class where everyone was focused and moving together, you know... it’s like magic.

If people move at their own time, fidget, or do their own thing, it feels... chaotic.

I always called this element of yoga “discipline”.

“We are practicing discipline”.... Well the other day I had a student in my class whom one might describe as... UN-disciplined.

My attempts to reign him in and get him to follow with the class were met with a strong energetic “NO!” - and a few death looks!  Eventually I had to just let him do his thing (gotta know when to let go). The rest of the class, though, was strong and focused.

And as I watched this group of strangers, powerfully connected and moving through the series together, while this one man defiantly stood apart, I realized “discipline” is not what we are practicing.

Energy and getting in the flow is what we are practicing!

All that “undisciplined” stuff, like hesitating, fidgeting, doing other stuff... all of that is really RESISTANCE.

Resistance to the yoga, to the energy of the class, and to the instruction.

All that resistance makes class much harder!

But finding the energetic current and riding it through class... that’s what we really want

Oh sure, the  discipline helps us to stay focused, but it in itself is not the goal.

60 or 90 minutes of no BS - only pure energy momentum - THAT’S the goal

I hope this is helpful y’all!! Always with love, co

#intheflow #discipline #yogaenergy #stopresisting

Corinne Idzal