Easy peasy

A teacher complimented me the other day for working so “hard” in class.

I thought that was funny, cause I wasn’t working hard at all!  I felt strong, focused and calm.

Hard work is a struggle, and I wasn’t doing that.

In fact, I don’t think we should work “hard” in class (or anywhere) - not for long anyway.... There are 5 stages of learning a new task.

The first few stages are the struggle stages - this is where your body and brain are trying to learn something new.

In these stages, we work through resistance (the “struggle”): - Physical resistance - Your body is not yet used to it (strength, endurance, motor control)

- Brain resistance- Your brain is not used to it (neural circuitry) - Mind resistance - You want to do it, but also kinda don’t (fear, anxiety, self-consciousness)

Resistance is what makes the task hard.

Amateurs work hard.

Newbies work hard.

But with consistent practice, you should move through these stages pretty quickly and on to the “skill” stage.

Think of an Olympic ice skater...

You don’t see them struggling to make the jumps!

They are past that!

They practice to gain precision, focus and ease.

A person who is “skilled” at something (anything) has figured out how to use the natural forces of energy and momentum to their advantage.

They let energy (internal and external) work for them so they DON’T HAVE TO WORK HARD!

That’s what I’m doing in yoga.  You will rarely see me struggle in class because I’m past that- now I work in precision!

If you’ve been doing something a while, and it still feels really hard, you are probably stuck in the struggle stage.

Time to self-reflect!

Where are you holding onto resistance?

Pay special attention to your thoughts.  The body and brain acclimate quickly, but the mind’s pattern of thought takes more time to adjust.  If you are saying things like: “I want to, BUT...”. That “but” is your resistance.

The good news is this is easily corrected with awareness and a shift of perspective.  It starts with:

“I want to, AND ...” I hope this is helpful y’all!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Always with love- co

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Corinne Idzal