Family ties

I’ve been thinking a lot about the traits we “inherit” from our parents.

We get their eyes, nose, hair, hands... and we inherit their diseases!

I have a few clients who are suffering from the same debilitating condition as their parents and grandparents.

With these patients, my conversation about energy and the power of positive thought is often met with resistance.

They believe, as many do, that they are doomed by their DNA.

But actually, we now know that DNA is constantly changing - mutating.

Which means, DNA can not be the driving force here, there must be something more powerful at play... As I listened to my patient tell me again today the emotional story of the disease that has plagued their family for generations, it struck me!

We don’t inherit disease from our family... we inherit the VIBRATION for the disease!

Duh!!! We ARE energy.

From the time we are in utero we are sensitive to vibration around us - especially our mother’s!

If she was stressed, anxious, worried - we felt it and vibrated along with her.

If she was happy, calm, and positive - we felt that too, and vibrated in unison.

As we grow up, the vibration of our family and environment has a strong influence on us too.  Our common familial VIBRATION is why we tend look like members of our family, and why certain “traits” get passed along.

Including the vibration for certain diseases.

Add to that the life experience of seeing a family member suffer, being terrified that it will happen to you, and deep down BELIEVING that it will.


How could it NOT manifest?

But the good news is, it is FAR easier to shift vibration that cure a disease.  And, it’s really the only thing that works.

We will, of course talk more about shifting vibration.  In the meantime, the best thing you could do, for you health and happiness, is follow your bliss and remember it is all vibration!  So all in never lost, and it is never done.

I hope this is helpful y’all

Always with love, co

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Corinne Idzal