Groundhog Day

Ever feel like you’re living in the movie Groundhog Day?

Do you find yourself having the same relationships and experiences over and over again?

Different places and different faces, but in the end, the situation always turns out the same.

Most of us experience this, in some areas of our lives.

We say we are “stuck”, meaning not moving forward.

But that’s not exactly accurate... By now y’all know that everything is energy.

You, me, the people in our lives, the situations and events, what we have, who we are,... All of it is energy at play.

And as such, all of these things must obey the Laws of Energy - one being that energy is always moving forward.

We call this “expansion”. Energy can not be still, and it never goes backward.

It either radiates OUT through time or goes around and around in circles.

The feeling we have of of being “stuck” in life actually means we’re caught in an energy circle.

Why is this an important distinction?

Because being “stuck” implies no movement, nothing new.

No power.

But that’s not what’s happening!

You’re still moving through life.

You’re still creating - you’re just RE-creating the same situations over and over.

It’s annoying to acknowledge this.

We hate being responsible for the things in our life we hate!

But ultimately there is great power in this understanding.

In every second of everyday you have a brand new opportunity to create.

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

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Corinne Idzal