We humans really like to examine the past.

Not just our own personal past, but world history too.  All those years in school!

The common misconception is that by examining the past we won’t make the same mistakes in the future.

But if you understand anything about energy and Laws that govern the universe, you know that’s not how it works!

Focusing on a problem never helps you avoid it!

It makes you run smack dab into it, over and over.

Thats the Law of Attraction.

And focusing on the past only dooms you to relive it.

If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is look at the past - your own personal past and that of civilization - there’s no doubt that history repeats itself. (How many times has a maniacal, narcissistic, crazy man wrecked havoc on the world?) No, learning about the past does NOT, in fact, prevent us from making the same mistakes in the future.

This is because the solution (future) is never located in the problem (past). That’s not to say that there isn’t some value in our personal and global history.

But it’s important to understand that the past is the past, and it holds very little value.

After all, what’s more important?

Where we are and HOW we got here.  Or  Where we are, and where we WANT to go from here.

Look forward, not back!

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Leave a comment or question, let me know your thoughts!

Always with love, co

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Corinne Idzal