Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

I was talking with a friend today about the old saying “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” Though I’ve heard this phrase a million times, today I actually stopped and thought about it. “Prepare for the worst”?!?!

That’s a terrible idea!

Unless, of course, you want the worst to happen... Hoping for one thing but preparing for another splits your energy.

You can’t focus in two directions at once- just like you can’t go in two directions at once.

In this scenario, which direction seems to have the strongest pull?  Toward the best or toward the worst?

We “hope” for things we’re NOT SURE  will happen.

We “prepare” for things we BELIEVE will happen.

In preparing there is not just thought, there’s also planning and action behind it- and that has a much stronger momentum than hope.  The stronger pull here is toward the worst!

Now if you talk to someone who has made a regular practice of preparing for the worst, they’ll tell you it’s the smart thing to do- because that’s what usually happens.

But once you understand the Law of Attraction, you understand that it’s the very planning that brings the worst to you.

A better idea is to focus on what you WANT to happen!  And forget “hoping” - that’s a waste of time.  Hope is riddled with doubt!

PREPARE for the best and watch it happen!

I hope this is helpful!

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Always with love- co

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Corinne Idzal