Im right! (and you know it!)

More than being happy, we humans really like to be right.

We’ll harp on a past disagreement - reliving it over and over again, trying to “hash it out” and figure out who was wrong.

I said this...

Then you said that..

And he did this..

And she was wrong...

And this is why

And what should have been done differently is... Problem is, you can never really hash out the past, and here’s why:

You’re in the PRESENT.

Not only can nothing be done to change what has already happened, but you can’t even accurately REMEMBER the past.

Not from the same point of view.

The very experience of LIVING the past caused you to shift your perspective - you evolved.

This is what’s meant by “personal expansion”. Once you have evolved, you can never again go back to who you were.

And you can never again see the world through the same eyes.

And that’s why trying to figure out the past is pointless:

You can’t figure out the past from the present.

It just won’t make sense because you’re not that same person anymore.

You’ll end up going around in circles - especially if you’re trying to hash it out with someone else who’s also not the same person they were at the time.

The best thing to do to “settle” the past is acknowledge that you’re a different person today - BECAUSE of the past.

Take a little time to ponder what you would do NOW - as the person you have evolved into - given the same situation.

And then, move on.

Let the past be the past, and let those people off the hook.

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

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Corinne Idzal