It’s a pug life

Have you ever watched an animal and wondered “what motivates you?” What makes you get off the couch when you do?

Or clean your tail when you do?

Why did you move from here to there just then?

Why do you DO what you do?... It’s clear animals don’t “think” like us.

And they also don’t have a schedule or anyone to answer to (it’s not like YOU’RE the boss).

So what drives them?

What makes them do what they do when they do it?... I was watching a dog today and pondering that very question when it struck me:


Animals do what feels better.

Check it out:

Your dog is laying in the sun.

It feels good... good... good... too hot.  He gets up and moves to the shade.

That’s it.

He followed a pure impulse to FEEL better.

No “thinking” to get in the way.

WE, however, overthink everything!.

Before acting on an impulse we humans consider all sorts of factors:

The opinion of others, the past, predicted  future, goals, fears, insecurity, act now or later?...

In all that processing, the clarity of our guidance is lost and we become unsure of what to do.

Not the animals though!

They feel it and do it without torturing themselves, because they following their internal guidance.

This is just another example of the things we can lean from our animal friends!

ALL living things have an internal guidance system - including us!

It’s our feelings - our gut feelings - that tells us the right path to follow.

All day today I’ve been trying to act like that dog - following impulse not thought.

No, I didn’t bury any bones, but I am having a fun day!

You should try it too and let me know how it goes!

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

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Corinne Idzal