We usually think of yoga as being a physical practice.

Makes sense, we are doing it with our physical body.

But to REALLY practice yoga asana - to achieve stillness and weightlessness in the posture - you have to tap into the energy of the pose.... There are external Forces all around us.

Like, for example, Gravity.

Gravity is a strong invisible Force, relentlessly trying to pull us to the ground.

It’s one reason why balancing on one leg is hard.

The people, places, and situations around us have strong energy Forces too and can also make it hard to balance on one leg.

Yoga asana is the practice of holding a challenging position, in stillness and grace, by tapping into our internal Forces - like our muscles, thoughts and focus.

We use our internal Forces to counteract the external Forces.

In other words, we are not trying to stand on one leg, we are trying to hold ourselves up against Gravity.

The two have completely different intentions.

Let’s take, for instance, toe - stand... In toe - stand you don’t sit ON your foot!

If you sit on your foot you’ll feel heavy and unstable forever.

No, you want to hover just above the foot, using your energy to hold you up,... not the foot.

Use all the muscles in your legs, your glutes and your core to keep you lifted.  Even point the toe!  Hold your body UP, rather than sit it down.

Focus is on the lift, not the hands.

Think “up” from the top of your head.

And always move slowly.

Momentum is an external force that will definitely throw you off.

Once you focus on lifting, and connect to the energetic balance of the pose, you’ll feel the lightness.

Give it a try!

It’s a little taste of levitation.

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne 

Corinne Idzal