LIFE (and death) part 2

In my last post about Life and death, we established that YOU and your body are 2 separate things.

Your body is made of trillions of individual cells.

YOU are the Energy - the consciousness - that orders the cells around- YOU move your body.

You and your body are so good at working together that it feels like you are one... but you’re not.

Your body obeys YOU.

I really like my analogy of the car and driver... Your body is the car and YOU are the driver.

As long as you’re behind the wheel, your car will go where you want it to go.

You may keep your car a really long time, or you may not even drive it off the lot.

Either way there will inevitably come a time when you want to get out of that car.

So you do.

And that’s the best way I can explain what happens when we “die” from an energetic perspective:

You- your energy- steps out of your physical body.

The body is still there, and so are YOU.

Nothing is gone, just different.

Why do I think this is what happens?

Because given the Laws of Universal Energy, there can be no other explanation.

First, energetic vibration NEVER just stops. There’s too much momentum - you don’t just go away!

And second, the Law of Energy Conservation states that energy can not be created or destroyed, it merely changes form.

And that what happens when we “die”. We shift form from being physical in form to purely vibrational.

It’s just a shift-  ALL of the original energy is still there!! The energy of the “body” is all there in the cells of the corpse. They will shift form as they decompose. (Don’t worry, YOU won’t care!).

The energy of YOU is still there too!

Vibrating wholly as YOU.

And all of the people and things in life you loved will still be energetically tied to you.

There is no lapse in consciousness.

You don’t dissipate into the abyss.

You remain a focused point of energy with the unique vibration that is YOU.

And the fun does not stop there! ... But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow find out what happens next.

In the meantime, have a little fun driving your body around today!

Always with love, co.  #itsallenergy #corinneidzal #loveyourbody #bodyandmind #thereisnodeath

Corinne Idzal