LIFE (and death) part 3

What do you think y’all ... is there an afterlife?

That really is the burning question.

There are lots of theories out there...

From pearly gates, to 40 virgins, to light’s out - you’re dead!

Of course none of us really knows what happens, but if we consider the Laws of Energy, we can make some pretty educated guesses... First of all, the idea that we die and that’s that is pretty much impossible.

To believe that, you would have to deny the very science of physics.

We ARE energy - science has proven this.

And energy is never destroyed - science has proven this too.

In fact, we know that energy builds momentum, which keeps it vibrating at the same frequency and with increasing Force - and that’s why we most likely don’t disappear into the abyss of Universal Energy either.

We are, and will always be,  a concentrated energy- consciousness.

A unique vibrational “personality”. And because of energy momentum, our vibrational personality remains strongly connected to the people and places we were connected to in life.

And that’s why I personally think we hang around for awhile!

Going back to the car and driver analogy (previous 2 posts), I think after we die we climb out of our own car, and start riding around with our friends and loved ones in their cars.

Remember, we are still energetically tied to them.

We still care about where they’re going and how they’re doing.

I think we happily ride around in the backseat whispering directions, encouragement and warnings in their ear.

Sometimes they’ll hear us, and sometimes they won’t...

It all depends on THEIR vibe.

Have you noticed that most accounts of post- mortem visits occur in the middle of the night or when the person is distracted?

That’s because pure vibration is positive.

To “tune” into it (see it, hear it, feel it,...) you have to match its frequency.

That’s the Law of Attraction.

Active sadness and stress have a negative frequency that prevents positive messages from getting through.

If you’ve lost someone you love, try tuning into their energy.  Feel  for their vibration, and maybe you’ll hear some whispers from the backseat.

Always with love, co.

#afterlife #backseatdriver

Corinne Idzal