Mean Girls

Did ya’ll know that there is a way to stay youthful, healthy, and beautiful your whole life?

It’s really simple too!

Not easy... but simple.

All you have to do is never ever ever say another mean thing to yourself again.

I know we’ve talked about this before, but still this is gonna be pretty hard for some of y’all.

In my experience, negative self-talk is THE most common and detrimental practice there is when it comes to our physical health.

We try to lose weight, but think about how fat we are.

We want to be healthy, but obsess about our illnesses.

We want to be young, but say that we’re old.

We want to heal, but declare we are broken... Of course that doesn’t work!!! Our thoughts and words have a strong vibration, the frequency of which resonates throughout the body.

Because Energy always calibrates, the vibration of our cells match the vibration of our thoughts.

Positive or negative, fat or muscular, youthful or old, healthy or sick... whatever you think about most will eventually manifest in the body.

THAT’S the mind-body connection.

We will definitely talk about this again!

Because in my opinion, no diet, no exercise, not anything action oriented is as powerful as habitually feeding your body positive thought vibrations.

If you are trying to make a physical change, try being kind for a while!  Say loving words, encourage your body, and let us know how fast you reach your goal!

(For more on the practice of positive self- talk, see my post “project: I love you”) I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, co

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Corinne Idzal