As we get older, there is one thing we need more than anything else... I’ll give you a hint:

It’s not good looks and it’s not money.

It’s also not prestige, a Porsche or family connections,... It is something most of us take for granted - until it’s gone.  Only then do we realize how truly important it is.


I had never really considered it myself.

But after working with thousands of students and patients over the past 17 years, I realize how incredibly important it is to be able to MOVE!

This is a physical life experience.

Our bodies are meant to be mobile and interact with the environment- fluid and free.

Not being able to move about affects everything you do in life.


The gift of mobility is one of the many things we get from a regular yoga practice.

You don’t have to do the splits or put your feet behind your head, just moving your body through the postures- stretching and strengthening - keeps your body limber.

You will find, as the years go on, if you maintain a regular yoga practice, the people around you will become slow and stiff while you stay young, fluid and mobile.

Please keep moving - don’ t ever stop moving.

You’ll see, mobility really is the fountain of youth!

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Corinne Idzal