Have you ever heard the expression “if you change your perspective you’ll change your reality”? It’s not just a clever, feel-good meme... it’s actually true!

More than anything else, our perspectives shape our life experience.

They are the filter through which we see the world.

You know what it’s like to hang out with someone who finds fault in everything.

You’ll be having a perfectly nice time, but to them everything g is wrong!

How can it be that you are in the exact same situation, but have totally different experiences?

It’s because the actual situation doesn’t matter as much as we think it does.

What matters most is your INTERPRETATION of the situation... Our brains can’t process ALL the information from our environment at once.

It’s impossible, there’s way too much.

Instead our brains have evolved to quickly evaluate the situation and look for things that are meaningful to US.

We look for the things we are looking for.

Without realizing it, we selectively focus, make assumptions, fill in the gaps and jump to conclusion.

In every situation there is the potential to see good and the potential to see bad.

It all depends on your filter.

If you’re generally happy and have good experiences, you probably have a good perspective.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

But if you’re generally not happy, or find yourself in situations you don’t like, it may be time for a shift!

The only way to shift your perspective is by paying attention to your thoughts.

The resonance, or tone, of your habitual thoughts determines your perspective.

Negative thoughts = negative perspective.

Positive thoughts = positive perspective.

You can absolutely shift your habitual thoughts, thereby shifting your perspective and experience in this life.

First step is to pay attention to you thoughts and ask yourself... am I looking for the good or an I looking for the bad?

Cause what you look for you’ll find!  I hope this is helpful!

Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts!!

Always with love, c

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Corinne Idzal