I’ve been struggling with this post for four days now.

The topic: resistance.

My original article was about the benefit of practicing yoga (aka. living life) without “resistance”.

In class, the ACTION of resistance is hesitation and distraction.

But the FEELING of resistance is always doubt / frustration / confusion / agitation.

Sunday I wrote the post- easy peasy, the words usually flow freely.

But when it came time to shoot the video, it just wasn’t working out.


Take after take, hour after hour,... it all started to look the same!

Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday... I wouldn’t let it go, and I couldn’t get it right.

As I laid in bed this morning, annoyed at the thought of my video, it suddenly dawned me... I’m feeling resistance!

Of course!! My focus upon resistance created resistance to my post about resistance.... In other words, I Law of Attractioned myself.

I thought about resistance so much I started to feel it... I created it!

I loved realizing this!

Because if I created it, I can UNcreate it.

So that’s what I did.

I just shifted my attention to this idea, and here we are with a new picture and a new message:

what you think about you bring about.

I hope this is helpful!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

#letgoofresistance #letitflow #letitgo #endthestruggle

Corinne Idzal