There is nothing like the NewYork City subway.

All those New Yorkers down there, hurried and rushing around.

The energy is condensed and intense.

At a busy subway stop, like Times Square or Union Square, you can easily see and feel the energy flowing in all directions.

If you step back you can see patterns to the flow, but in it, it feels chaotic.

Whenever I ride the subway I like to play a game I call “find the path of least resistance”. I weave my way through the flowing current of commuters as quickly and easily as possible.

Without stopping or colliding.

There’s a trick to doing this!

It’s one of the first things you learn when you move to New York.... Never look em in the eye!

You’ll bump right into them.

Or worse, you’ll do the side-to-side dance!

But, if you look past the people - THROUGH then - to where you want to go, they part like the sea.

It’s like magic! (Really it’s the Law of Attraction).

Try it, it’s fun.

As I effortlessly weaved my way through Union Square the other day, I thought about this little game and how it’s a great metaphor for life.

There will always be obstacles flowing in our way from all directions.

We can look at them and run smack into them over and over,...or we can fix our gaze beyond, to the destination, and flow through.

Because that really is how it goes.

Focus is the key.

Your focus not only determines your destination- your focus determines your NOW!

I hope this is helpful y’all!!

Always with love,


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Corinne Idzal