The glutes!

The glutes are so important y’all!

Not just for the sexy booty factor - though that’s important too!

But actually, the glutes help stabilize your entire body!

It’s true.

The glutes keep the pelvis level when you walk and stand on one leg... They also help stabilize the knee and hold up the arch in your foot... AND your glutes help stabilize the opposite side shoulder... Damn!! That’s an important muscle!

And it might surprise you to hear that most people have weak glutes - yes, even you CrossFitters!

It’s an epidemic because we sit too much and like to shake our booties when we walk (it’s not just me, right?) And once the body starts to compensate (meaning use other muscles instead of your glutes) it’s not easy to get them fired up again.

But it’s really important that you do!

So the question is, do you have weak glutes?? Next time I’ll teach y’all a simple test to see if your glutes are up to snuff and what you can do about it if they’re not.

So stay tuned!

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

Corinne Idzal