The marathon edition

For all you bad-asses who ran the NYC Marathon yesterday: BRAVO!!! I am a big fan of setting big goals and seeing them through!Outcomes don’t matter nearly as much as completion.

So here you are on the other side... How you doing?

If you feel a little sore for the next few days, that’s to be expected!

Here are a few simple but effective tips to help your body recover from the race or any other rigorous exercise:

1. Take an #Epsom salt bath!  Even better, do a session in a Float Tank!  Epsom Salt has been used for thousands of years as a general cure-all... And it is.  It’s healing power lies in its energy.  Epsom salt is technically magnesium sulfate - a negatively charged mineral that can penetrate the skin when soaked in water (no oil). It neutralized free-radicals released during rigorous exercise, soothes muscles, and reduces inflammation.

2. Replenish your #electrolytes!  For the next few days be extra diligent about hydration...This includes water AND electrolytes.  Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals too (like Epsom salt). Our bodies need them to carry signals from our brain to our muscles.  Depletion leads to muscle cramping and weakness. The best way to replenish your electrolytes is with coconut water (more natural the better), or a powder like #Ultima or #EmergenC. (NOT Gatorade)

3. Roll out your IT Band!  No way you’ve made it this far without a foam roller.  But just a reminder, if your knees are hurting- especially along the inside OR outside- try rolling out your IT Band, often that’s the problem.  If you’re not sure how, check out utube for instructional videos!  And if rolling your IT Band does not help, see a PT ASAP.

4. Get a massage.  Body work not only releases tension in sore muscles, but the soothing touch of another person is extremely calming to the nervous system.  A big run like that is not just physically, it’s energetically draining as well.

Take care and be good to your amazing body!

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Let me know if you have and question

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

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Corinne Idzal