The pie of life

Are y’all ready for my “life is like a pie” analogy?

I think it’s a pretty good one - if I do say so myself.

And it explains one reason why most of us have such a hard time making changes in our lives.

It starts off like most pie analogies do:

your life is like a pie... It is divided up into pieces, with each piece representing a thing in your life you give time and attention to.


Work, kids, your significant other, a sick parent, physical activity, cleaning, healing, sex, ... anything.

Though the pie is divided up, it will always make a whole pie.

This represents the entirety of your life.

Because your time and attention IS your life - and you are living it 100%. The size of those pieces will constantly shift as you expand as a person.

For example, when I went back to school, suddenly the “school” piece of my pie was really big because it took up most of my time and attention.

That meant, though, that the other pieces had to get smaller - I rarely went to yoga, stopped teaching, and almost never saw my friends.

After passing the license exam, suddenly the “school” piece was gone.

There was an empty space that now has filled in with clients, projects, yoga, and friends.

Changing the configuration of my pie was extremely jarring both times and took some time to adjust.

That’s because shifting attention is an energetic shift.  It’s really not easy to do... but it IS possible.

The mistake most of us make when trying to purposefully change a habit - either do something more or less - is we don’t consider the whole pie.

You can’t just shove another piece in already full pie.

And you can’t take a piece out and still have a whole.

The pieces will always adjust to make exactly one whole.

Being purposeful about the adjustment of your focus, and how you divvy up your pie, is the key to maintaining balance in any stage of your life.

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

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Corinne Idzal