The ride

I love to see a dog with it’s head out the car window.

They’re just so HAPPY!

Eyes open, mouth open, tongue flipping about... They don’t care that they’re getting pelted in the face with bugs and flying debris!

They just keep smiling in the wind and soaking it all in.

I just saw a happy dog pass by.

It got me thinking about getting pelted in the face, and how it’s not so bad if you’re doing something you love... We humans are extremely GOAL oriented.

Almost everything we do is to reach a destination:

We work to get paid...

Go to school to graduate...

Exercise to get fit...

Date to get married... We don’t do things because it’s fun, we just want to get it done.

But what about the ride?? There is pervasive belief that to succeed we must struggle, work hard, be miserable.  We think if it’s fun and exhilarating it can’t be productive - but that’s not true!

First because a miserable ride NEVER lead to a happy destination.

It’s vibrationally IMPOSSIBLE.

And second, a person who is lit from the inside - passionate and exhilarated by what they’re doing - is more productive than 1000 people who are not.

And they don’t get throw off by a fly in the eye or a pebble in the face!

We all need goals - BIG goals.

But on our way, shouldn’t we have our heads out the window and tongues flapping about?

Should fun and exhilaration be a goal too?

Alter all, life IS a ride, not a destination.

We’ll talk more about this.

But in the meantime, ponder your desired destinations and ask yourself:  am I enjoying this ride?

You’ll get there a lot faster if the answer is YES!

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne

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Corinne Idzal