The Stare

Have you ever felt someone staring at you?When you look up - you were right! - you catch them looking right at you!

Or worse, have you ever been caught staring at someone?

I got caught the other day.

I was staring through a woman, deep in thought, when she looked up and caught me! (Of course...) We can usually feel when someone is looking at us- especially when they are staring!

Of course we are feeling their energy, what else could it be?

More specifically, though, we are feeling the Force of their focus.... The eyes and the mind are very closely linked.

Everywhere the eyes go, the brain goes to interpret what we “see”. If the eyes are very active, the brain is active too.

And vice versa.

When the mind is very active, the eyes will dart around (you can tell a lot about a person by watching their eyes!) Keeping the eyes still, however, helps the brain to focus!

That’s why we stare into space (or at an innocent stranger) when we are deep in thought.

Energy that darts around is not strong.

But energy that is focused in one direction for a little while starts to builds momentum- aka. Force.

Since the eyes help direct the brain, the longer we stare at someone, the stronger the brain vibration in that direction and more focused it becomes.

Eventually, this Force becomes so strong that the person will FEEL our energetic pull and look right at us!

Its pretty cool to think that this “phenomenon” proves the energetic power of focus : What we focus upon is drawn to us- every time.

Ever since making this realization I’ve been staring at people to see how long it takes them to feel me.

It’s fun! (and a little creepy)

Try it out too and let me know how it goes!

Always with love - co

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Corinne Idzal