Universal forces

We don’t often think about the powers that hold our Universe together.

Forces of Energy from all planets and stars pull one another in different directions, until a perfectly balanced suspension is found - our Earth spins in perfect proximity to the sun.

If just one planet were missing, the whole thing would be different.

Of course, this is a wonderful metaphors for life!

Gravity, the people around us, work, life, our focus... all are Forces that pull us in different directions.

And just like the planets, we too must find our perfect Energetic balance: our “life”. In yoga, we practice manipulating these Universal Forces.

To truly express yoga asana one must tap into the internal Forces that balance out the external forces.

That is when weightlessness is achieved.

This week in yoga let’s try to feel for the Energetic balance of our postures and our life!

I hope this is helpful y’all!

Corinne Idzal