In yesterday’s post I talked about ions and the healing effect of being in nature.

I figured now’s as good a time as any to explain WHAT exactly an ion is...

You likely already know a little about ions- “antioxidants” and “carcinogens” are common examples.

If you remember from science class, all atoms have a nucleus at their center.

Inside the nucleus are protons and neutrons.

Protons have a positive charge.

Surrounding the nucleus, electrons orbit around and around (a lot like the planets around the sun).

Electrons have a negative charge.

An atom is said to be “stable” (no charge) when the number of protons in the nucleus is equal to the number of electrons in its orbit.

This is balanced energy.

If the atom has an extra electron in its orbit, however, it becomes “charged”.

This is a negative ion because it has more negative energy (electrons) in it than positive energy (protons). This atom is agitated because it wants to GIVE that extra electron away to become stable again.

Negative ions are antioxidants.

We get them from Nature: the Earth, plants, water... If the atom is missing an electron in its orbit, it will have a positive charge.

This is a positive ion because it has more protons inside than electrons.

This atom is also agitated, but it wants to TAKE an electron from somewhere- anywhere- so it can be stable again.

Despite its name, positive ions are extremely damaging.

Remember, all they want is another electron- and they will brutally rip it out of your cells!

Positive ions are carcinogens.

We get positive ions from the sun, but also anything that plugs into the wall.  Your phone, computer, TV... all throw out positive ions

We need both- and in nature we get both.

The problem is most of us are not balanced in our lifestyle

We spend WAY too much time inside around electronics- bombarded by damaging positive ions- and not enough time in nature, where we get the healing ions.

Here again is a reminder to go outside and be in Nature.  Get those negative ions y’all!! I hope this is helpful!

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Always with love- co  #corinneidzal #gooutsideandplay #gooutsid

Corinne Idzal