Pumping Iron

Who me? Oh I’m just pumping a little iron...

You can’t JUST do yoga y’all!

Different activities are good for us in different ways.

For example, yoga keeps us open and tone, and regulates the body’s energy flow. Mood, sleep, focus  are all improved.

But resistance training (weights) builds muscle, increases strength, and it’s also really good for your bones.

Running is also good for your bones and butt, plus it increases your physical endurance and is super cardiovascular... If you limit yourself to only one sport, you’ll miss out on what the others have to offer!

And that leads to physical imbalance, cause you need it all.

Maybe this weekend try a different kind of activity, mix it up!

You may discover something fun to do that will also make you feel good in a whole new way!

Let me know how it goes!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne