Got yoga butt?

By “yoga butt” I don’t mean the perky bubble butt that come from a consistent yoga practice.

No, I mean do you have a sharp pain way up in your glute muscle that comes and goes, but doesn’t seem to go away?  It may feel ok after class, but for the next few days it’s worse?

If so you may indeed have “yoga butt”.

Now to be fair, you can get this doing almost any sport, but we yogis are especially susceptible.

I got mine just before teacher training.

This injury occurs when you over-stretch the hamstring muscles.  Tiny tears form at the insertion site - either where the muscle turns to tendon or where the tendon attaches to the bone.  It becomes inflamed and painful.

You will feel it deep in your butt muscle or behind the knee (sometimes mid-inner thigh). It’s no big deal, it will heal, if you are smart about what to do next... Since this injury is cause by over stretching- just stop stretching for awhile and it’ll get better.

Makes sense!

Let the tendon repair.

If you keep pulling at it (stretching) you prevent the tears from healing or even make them worse!

So mark your calendars- no hamstring stretches for a month.  That’s right, a month.

Even if it doesn’t hurt anymore.

And if this is an old injury, it may take even longer.

You will have to use your body intelligence to know when it’s ok to return to light stretching.  Going to yoga class is ok during this time, but bend your knees during stretches, and jogging is better than running.

Also add foam rolling or sitting on a tennis ball at the insertion site - it can really help a lot too!

I hope this was helpful!

Lemme know how it goes!  And feel free to comment!

Always with love, Dr. Corinne