Eternal youth

The other day a man asked me how old I am.

So told him...44

And he said “where are your wrinkles?”

I was taken aback by the odd “compliment” and it’s implication that he knew what i should look like.  It got me thinking about our deep rooted misconceptions about age and aging.  The truth of the matter is, we age exactly the way we think we will.

The body is the manifestation of the mind.

If you think you are old, you will vibrate old and the cells of your body will follow.

If you think young- energetic and excited about life- you will vibrate young!

It is, in fact, your vibe that people SEE when they look at you!

Check it out!

When you look at me you see a person in a solid physical body.

But actually I am more like an energy orb- radiating waves of vibration in all directions.

It doesn’t LOOK like that because your eyeballs take in my vibration, and your brains create a solid 3-D picture.

What you “see” is your brain’s interpretation of  my energy.  I look solid,  but make no mistake, I am vibrating!

Of course we all get older- but how you age is up to you.  It’s not about the number - it’s about the energy!

And that brings me to eternal youth...

Wanna know the secret?

Have fun!

It is the highest, most youthful and beautiful vibration of all!

I hope this is helpful!

Leave a comment, let me know what you think!

Always with Love, Dr.Corinne