What is fascia?

Our understanding of the fascia has completely evolved in the past few years!Thanks to new technology that allows us to see fascia in a living body, we now realize that it is FAR more dynamic and important than we imagined.... Fascia is most often compared to the membrane of an orange- a tough thin layer that separates our cells and bundles them together.

While that is certainly part of the story, new research suggest that the fascia is also a MAJOR communication system of the body- more extensive even than the nervous system and especially sensitive to emotions.  The fascia is like a giant cobweb that expands throughout the body and attaches to every cell.  Along the strands of the web, messages zip from cell to cell through an electrically charged fluid called “ground substance”. Within a fraction of a second, a message (like fear) can sweep through your entire body to every single cell!

Lack of movement and stress causes the fascia to over-grow.  It get tangled up in itself and binds down - and that’s when we feel “tight”. Bound up fascia not only impedes movement, but it also messes with the body’s communication and energy flow!

Pain, mood disturbances, and many disease have been linked to a bound fascial system.  Where there is stagnation in the body, things go awry!

So how do you keep good energy and communication flow through the fascia?

Move and stretch!

And if you have a lot of tightness, you may need some body work to get you started.

I hope this is helpful, y’all!

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With just a little knowledge and a shift in perspective, we all have the power to be healthy and happy!

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Corinne Idzal