Problem solving 101

Wanna know the best way to solve a problem?

Stop thinking about it!

When we have a question or a problem we tend to obsess about it.

We roll it around in our minds- look at it from all angles- talk about with our friends and consider everyone’s opinion on the matter.

We think “I just need to figure this out!  So I’ll obsess about it until I know what to do!”... but that never works.

We just go around and around in circles.

That’s because we’re using the wrong part of our brain.... The chatty part of your brain that analyzes problems (Task Negative) is NOT the part of your brain that comes up with solutions and a plan of action (Task Positive)

These are 2 completely different neurological circuits that can not happen at the same time.

Your brain is either analyzing OR solving, but it is physiologically impossible to do both at once.

To find a solution you must turn the chatty brain off.

The best and EASIEST way to do this is through meditation.

If you have tried to meditate but had a hard time of it, you’re not alone!

Your brain will not cooperate the first few times you try- in fact, it’ll probably be EXTRA active!

But just keep practicing everyday!

After a few days you may get a minute or two of quiet mind.

And then little by little you will train your mind to focus.

The most successful and innovative leaders throughout history have all practiced meditation: Steve Jobs, David Lynch, OPRAH!, Russell Simmons, Einstein, Tesla, Plato...

They knew, as you now know, that quieting the mind and pulling away from a question allows your mind to access inspired ideas.

Here’s the technique:

1. Set an alarm for 15-20 minutes

2. Sit comfortably with eyes closed

3. Focus on something neutral.

I like to listen to a steady sound in the room, like the air conditioner.  You can also listen to your breath or say a mantra... there are lots of ways to do it

The most important part is that you don’t give up!  Because all brains- even yours!- can be trained to meditate.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I hope this is helpful!

Always with love, co

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